What to do to prevent influenza What to eat to prevent influenza

After entering the autumn, the weather began to gradually become colder. Experts remind everyone to be alert to influenza! Health experts point out that many friends who are not in good health are more likely to get sick in autumn. How to prevent influenza? What to eat to prevent influenza? How to eat and drink for influenza? I believe it is a problem that everyone is more concerned about. Here are the answers one by one.
How to prevent influenza
1. Drink more boiled water

Try to make eight glasses of water a day, and try not to drink cold or ice water.
2. Pay attention to vaccination against influenza
The formation of an immune barrier in key populations is one of the effective measures to prevent and treat influenza A. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for the body to produce antibodies, which can prevent influenza virus infection. It is worth reminding that influenza vaccination is not a once-and-for-all vaccination, but it needs to be vaccinated every year, because the vaccine formula is made on the basis of the prediction of the pandemic virus strain in the year, and the influenza virus strain Mutation occurs almost every year.
3. Pay attention to adequate rest
People’s rest is very important in life. We must ensure good rest and adequate sleep in daily life, and we must not stay up late. Staying up late will lead to a decline in people’s body mechanisms. When you feel fatigued, you must rest and stay energetic. Only have the ability to resist external evil.
4. Pay attention to personal exercise
Preventing influenza is mainly to do physical exercises. Only when the resistance is up, can the virus be prevented. It is recommended that you can do some activities in normal times, such as running, climbing, cycling, etc., which can strengthen your physical fitness and improve the body’s resistance to the virus. Ability.
5. Pay attention to your daily diet
Diet is also a very important aspect. It is very necessary to maintain good eating habits. Young people do not have the habit of eating breakfast. This is not allowed. Pay attention to diet. A diet with more meat and less vegetables, too much calories, and excess fat is very harmful to the human body. It will weaken the function of the digestive system and reduce the body’s ability to resist viruses, allowing the influenza virus to take advantage of it. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable diet, with a balanced combination of protein, sugar, fat, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that help to strengthen the body. You can also add more foods rich in vitamin C, because vitamin C helps improve immunity force. The diet must be regular and not overeating. In addition, pay attention to drinking more water, because it is more likely to cause virus attack after getting angry.
6, pay attention to cold and warm
When the cold and warm alternates are frequent, the human body will not be able to adapt to the drastic changes in cold and warm, the resistance will be reduced, and it is susceptible to the invasion of influenza virus. Therefore, people need to increase or decrease clothes in time according to temperature changes. Early spring season is colder in the morning and evening, and special attention should be paid to adding clothes in the morning and evening, changing thick quilts during sleep at night, etc. The indoor temperature during sleep should be 18 ℃-22 ℃. In addition, sunlight not only helps to keep the room warm, but also conducive to sterilization and disinfection. It should be fully utilized to ensure that the room is fully exposed to sunlight.
7. Pay attention to personal hygiene
Personal hygiene also plays a key role in preventing influenza. Influenza virus is easy to be infected by touching objects on the surface with the virus and then touching the nose and mouth. About half of the influenza cases are caused by hand contact, so wash your hands frequently and keep your hands hygienic. It is important to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. In addition, when washing hands, do not simply rinse under the faucet, but use soap to wash them carefully, and the time should be as long as possible. The other is to pay attention to wearing a mask when going out. Although wearing a mask can not completely block the virus, it is currently one of the good ways to reduce infection, at least it can let us breathe less viruses floating in the air.
8. Pay attention to air circulation
Influenza virus is a virus that spreads through the air, especially in a confined environment. Therefore, we must often open windows for ventilation and pay attention to maintaining indoor air circulation, so as to reduce the concentration of the virus in the room and reduce the chance of people contacting the virus. . Choose open-air or air-ventilated places as much as possible for the usual venues, avoid staying in a closed environment, and go to less crowded public places. In the open air or in a ventilated place, even if there are influenza patients around, the virus in the air will drift with the wind, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun can also kill the virus; the virus is more likely to spread in a closed environment. Therefore, during the influenza pandemic period, you should try to avoid taking planes, air-conditioned trains or air-conditioned buses, and avoid going to large hotels or shopping malls with central air-conditioning; the air is turbid in crowded places, and the probability and concentration of the virus in the air are high. So for safety’s sake, don’t go to such places.
What to eat to prevent influenza
1. Citrus

In addition to helping prevent spring influenza, citrus rich in vitamin C is also very effective for swelling and sore throat that is common with colds. During a cold, eating a citrus every day to supplement vitamin C is always beneficial when the season changes.
The extract of almond peel helps us to overcome various viral infections such as the common cold and influenza.
The antiseptic effect of onions has long been well known. The pungent taste can resist the spring flu, and it also has a good healing function for colds caused by wind cold.
4. Radish
Carrotin in radish may have a certain effect on preventing colds and relieving symptoms such as excessive phlegm in colds. Recommend a method: chop the radish, squeeze the juice, then mash the ginger, squeeze a small amount of ginger juice, add it to the radish juice, mix well and add to warm water to make a drink.
5. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are rich in minerals such as selenium, riboflavin, niacin and a large amount of antioxidants. They are a powerful weapon to strengthen the body’s immunity and fight colds.
How to eat influenza
1. The diet should be light and less greasy, which not only meets nutritional needs, but also increases appetite. Can provide white rice porridge, millet porridge, adzuki bean porridge, with sweet pickles, kohlrabi, mustard or fermented bean curd and other side dishes, which are light and refreshing.
2. Eat more foods containing vitamin C, E and red, such as tomatoes, apples, grapes, dates, strawberries, beets, oranges, watermelons, milk, eggs, etc. Prevent the occurrence of colds.
3. Choose a liquid diet that is easy to digest, such as vegetable soup, gruel, egg soup, custard, and milk.
4. The diet should be small and frequent. If the fever is reduced and the appetite is better, it can be changed to a semi-liquid diet, such as noodle soup, clear chicken soup and longxu noodles, small wontons, vegetable puree porridge, pork floss porridge, liver mud porridge, egg flower porridge.
5. To ensure water supply, drink more acidic juices such as hawthorn juice, kiwi juice, red date juice, fresh orange juice, watermelon juice, etc. to promote gastric juice secretion and increase appetite.
In the autumn, how can we prevent influenza? Through the above introduction, do you already know? Health experts remind everyone to pay attention to rest during the high incidence of influenza, and to keep warm at ordinary times. It is recommended to visit less crowded places daily to prevent the occurrence of influenza.