What to do if you have frequent head pain What are the ways to treat head pain?

Headache makes many friends suffer. What should you do if you face head pain? Experts point out that head pain is a relatively common symptom. Many people experience head pain at some point. How to treat head pain is also a topic that everyone has always been concerned about. What causes head pain? Some At that time, we didn’t know clearly. What is better for head pain? If you want to know these questions, you must keep reading.
What to do if you have frequent head pain
1. Drink green tea
When the head hurts, we can drink a little green tea. Some of the substances in green tea can relieve head pain, so we can drink a little green tea when the disease occurs to overcome severe migraines.
2. Meditation
Using yoga and meditation are new ways to treat migraine headaches. You can buy a CD of this type and meditate for a while with your eyes closed to the music when a headache strikes, and let the harmony of nature make you forget your pain.
3. Cold compress with ice pack
Ice compress is a way to relieve head pain. We can use a towel or pocket to put ice in it and apply it to the headache area. After the blood vessels in the head contract, the symptoms will naturally decrease.
4. Lie down and rest for a while
If conditions permit, you can take a rest in a dark, quiet house. Normally, as long as half an hour of sleep, the head pain will be relieved.
5. Wrap your head with a towel
It may seem ridiculous, but it is indeed a good way to treat migraines. When you feel pain, use a towel or soft cloth to wrap it around your temples tightly, so that you can inhibit blood vessel dilation and relieve pain.
6. Massage the head
A moderate massage on the head is an effective way to relieve migraine headaches. The temple is an important acupuncture point for head pain massage. You can use your index finger to press, and you can use your fist to gently massage from the temple to the hairline.
What causes head pain
1. Too much caffeine

Caffeine can relieve head pain in some cases, but in fact, it has a higher chance of causing head pain.
2. Lack of sleep
The results of a large study showed that those who slept an average of 6 hours a night had significant, more severe and frequent head pain than those who slept adequately.
3. Sexual life
In a survey, 46% of respondents said that sex can cause head pain. Usually this is an overworked head pain, which is more common in men. For most people, sexual head pain is harmless.
4. Weight
Studies have found that women who are mildly obese have a 35% higher risk of head pain than women who are normal or thin. Severely obese women have an 80% chance of suffering from head pain.
5. Personality
Certain personality traits, such as rigid, restrained, and introverted, may cause frequent attacks of head pain. If this sounds like your situation, hurry up and take part in some relaxing activities, which will make you happy and relaxed, and will keep you away from head pain.
6, skip breakfast
We know you are busy, but hunger is a common cause of head pain.
7. Supplementary sleep on weekends
On weekends or on vacation, even though I was far from the daily busy work, my head pain came unexpectedly.
8. Incorrect diet
Everyone reacts differently, but some foods are known to cause head pain, and some (especially foods rich in magnesium) can play a preventive role.
9. Lack of exercise
A Swedish study showed that people who do not like sports are more prone to head pain than those who love sports. 5 days a week, 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can reduce stress, pump blood to the brain, and obtain good endorphins.
What to eat for head pain
1. Coffee

Coffee is a double-edged sword, both beneficial and harmful. If we have a headache caused by alcohol, we can use coffee to relieve it. The caffeine in coffee can not only reduce the painful feeling of headaches, but also cause our body to become dehydrated. Therefore, when we use coffee to relieve headaches, we must avoid drinking too much, usually just one cup.
Almonds are delicious and I also like to eat them. This type of food contains a lot of magnesium, so it can relieve our headaches and relieve the pain of headaches. At the same time, for vegetables, we can also relieve headaches by eating some spinach. In some special cases, we can relieve headaches through spicy foods, such as peppers.
3. Potatoes
When headaches, we can use supplemented potatoes to relieve them. The principle is that, for example, we are caused by drinking alcohol. Then, after drinking alcohol, we will cause serious loss of potassium in the body, and then It causes headaches, and the potassium in potatoes can help us adjust the potassium balance in time.
4. Watermelon
Watermelon can relieve headaches, which is mainly reflected in our headaches caused by severe water shortage in our body due to the influence of weather and temperature. Watermelon contains a lot of water, and secondly, there are a lot of magnesium, which can not only replenish our dehydrated water. At the same time, magnesium can also be used to relieve our headaches in time.
5. Cheese
Although cheese is delicious, you can’t eat more. For people who often have headaches, eating cheese is also very good, because cheese contains a lot of calcium, and research has shown that if our body has calcium deficiency, It can also cause headaches, so it is very important to supplement calcium in time.
6. Cereals
Cereal foods are mainly effective for headaches caused by our daily body’s lack of carbohydrates. Because cereals contain a lot of carbohydrates, we can quickly supplement our nutrition through dietary intake, so that our headaches will gradually alleviate Up.
If frequent head pain will have a great impact on everyone’s normal life, what should you do when facing this problem? The above has introduced some ways to relieve head pain. Many people have head pain mostly because of physical problems. It is recommended that if you continue to experience head pain, you should go to the hospital for a check. Pay attention to rest at ordinary times, don’t be too tired.