What’s going on with dizziness

In life, sometimes people will feel dizzy. What is going on? This is a question that many people are puzzled. Sometimes it feels unexplainably dizzy. In this case, what should we do? What conditions will cause us to feel dizzy and dizzy. Relieve through these foods, let us take a look.
What’s the matter with dizziness?
Under normal circumstances, people who are dizzy and swollen will think of something wrong with their head, or it is caused by high blood pressure. These are indeed common causes, but if patients with a history of hypertension must pay attention, they must Rule out the possibility of dizziness caused by poor blood pressure control. If you are in a quiet state, you still have high blood pressure even after taking antihypertensive drugs, you should seek medical treatment for antihypertensive treatment in time.
Also, if you are in menopause or have long-term stomach problems, you should pay attention to this. Go to the hospital for a blood test to see if it is caused by chronic blood loss. In addition, it is necessary to rule out the possibility of diabetes. Diabetes is not only the elderly, but also many young people. High blood sugar and low blood sugar can cause dizziness.
Office workers who have been sitting and working for a long time should pay attention, because long-term sitting and incorrect sitting posture can also cause dizziness and swelling, unable to show their mental state. If they are dizzy, they will have severe headaches or dizziness. Sometimes I even faint, so I have to go to the hospital.
How to relieve dizziness
1. Feel dizzy and swell and rub your temples

Acupoint selection: The temple is located in front of the auricle, on both sides of the forehead, above the extension line of the outer corner of the eye.
Method: After waking up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening, press the temples with the middle fingers of both hands. You can rub them in a circular motion. Knead 8 times clockwise and then 8 times counterclockwise.
2. Use wet and hot compress for dizziness
Medicinal Angelica, Radix serrata, Passepartout, and Salvia 50g each, 20g each for Fangfeng and Xueshang Lian, 10g Angelica dahurica flower, 15g Frankincense. Mash and mix them evenly, put them into cloth bags, soak in water for about 20 minutes, heat them in a steamer for 20 minutes, take them out and cool them down to about 50°C and place them on the neck for ironing.
30 minutes each time, it can be reheated when it is cold, 2 times a day, 10 days as a course of treatment. If possible, you can also decoct the above-mentioned drugs in water, take the concentrated solution to 100ml, use two pieces of 8cm×12cm and 12cm×12cm flannel, soak the concoction, place it on the neck, and add two electrode plates of equal size. , Iontophoresis through 15mA direct current. This method is an extended application of traditional Chinese medicine wet compress therapy. It uses direct current to introduce drug ions into the body through the skin and mucous membranes to achieve the purpose of treatment.
3. Daily treatment of dizziness
Headache and dizziness are common clinical symptoms. Severe headaches often disturb people’s restlessness and pain. However, foot massage can relieve the pain within a few minutes. People are accustomed to taking painkillers for headaches, and the use of foot massage has no side effects and has a definite effect. Foot massage therapy is an ancient and novel rehabilitation therapy. It originated in China and spread abroad. Because it is safe, simple, easy to learn, effective, and economical, it is very popular among the people. In recent years, foot massage therapy has become popular in more than 30 countries including Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and the United States.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs of the human body correspond to the feet, and regular foot washing can stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet, enhance blood supply, and dredge the meridians. Medical experts believe that if the corresponding reflex area of ​​the foot can be massaged frequently, it can promote blood circulation and improve body resistance. The principle of foot reflex health care is to stimulate the skin of the foot by pressure, so as to cause damage to internal organs and the body. Other parts of the also played a role.
What are the reasons for dizziness
1. Vascular inhibitory dizziness

It is often triggered by emotional tension, pain, fear, bleeding, hot weather, fatigue, cavities, and insomnia. Patients often have autonomic dysfunction such as dizziness, dizziness, nausea, upper abdominal discomfort, pale complexion, and cold sweats. At that time, the blood pressure dropped and the pulse was weak. Vascular suppressive dizziness is more common in frail young women. Orthostatic hypotension refers to dizziness, vertigo, soft legs, dizziness, and even fainting when standing, and it is often accompanied by sweating and dysfunction.
2. Anemia
If dizziness is accompanied by fatigue and paleness, the possibility of anemia should be considered. In a healthy state, the amount of hematopoietic tissue and the quality and quantity of hematopoietic tissue in the elderly have declined. The aging of the red blood cells themselves makes the iron utilization rate worse than before. Therefore, if the elderly do not pay attention to nutrition and health care, they are prone to anemia. In addition. Digestive distress; benign, peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal bleeding and chronic inflammatory diseases can be secondary to anemia.
What to eat if you feel dizzy
1. You can eat strawberries if you feel dizzy

Strawberry has certain nourishing and conditioning effects on the gastrointestinal tract and anemia. In addition to preventing scurvy, strawberries are also effective in preventing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Strawberry contains an amine substance, which also has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on leukemia, aplastic anemia and other blood diseases.
2. Dizziness can be watermelon
Dehydration is the main cause of headache attacks. Watermelon itself contains sufficient water, and at the same time it can provide the body with important mineral elements such as magnesium, which can prevent headaches. In addition, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, lettuce and other fruits and vegetables have higher water content.
Why do people feel dizzy sometimes? The doctor above has already introduced the reasons to everyone. Here, health experts remind everyone to pay attention. If this happens for a long time, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to check your body. In fact, it is important for us to have a good body, so that a good body will not have so many minor physical problems. I still recommend that everyone exercise more. After all, it is now advocating national fitness. There is no bad thing about exercising well.

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