What are the benefits of running at night?

If you want to be healthy, you should develop the habit of exercise. Running is a project that many people like. The choice of running time is relatively free. It can be in the morning or in the evening. Health experts pointed out that running at night is of great benefit to us, because exercise can promote our health, so when is it good to run at night? The dumb gun is at night, the light is dark, we must pay attention to safety, there are some precautions we need to understand.

Benefits of running at night

1. Avoid thrombosis. When running at night, the number of platelets is reduced by 20%, and the blood is not as viscous as in the morning, which can greatly reduce the risk of vascular embolism.
2. It is conducive to weight loss, and running at night is more effective to lose weight, because the night is when the body’s metabolism is strong, which is conducive to fat burning.
3. There is a lot of oxygen. From the perspective of air oxygen content, the carbon dioxide index is high during the day and the dust is suspended in the air. At night, the air is fresher than during the day, the oxygen content is more, and the air quality is better. Choose to run during this time. Physical health is more beneficial.
4. Improve sleep. As mentioned earlier, running at night can help sleep. We can increase the blood supply and oxygen supply of the brain when we run. After running at night, we sweat all over and we go home and take a warm bath. It is easy to fall asleep in a water bath, and the quality of sleep is improved, but it should be noted that it is better to end running one hour before bedtime.
5. Don’t delay study and work. Now most people don’t have time during the day. Now many people started to be active at that time because I have a lot of free time at night, and running at night neither affects study nor affects Work is just after school, and there is plenty of time when I get off work.
6. Relieve stress. Many people in modern times have a lot of work pressure, and students’ academic pressure is also great. After a busy day, running at night can make you feel comfortable, the pressure on the body is relieved, and you sweat. It can also promote sleep afterwards, so many people like to run at night.
7. Avoid tanning. If you run during the day, the ultraviolet rays will be very strong early in the morning, and if the temperature drops at night, you don’t have to worry about tanning when running at night.
8. Delay aging. Running at night is a good time for most human bodies. Running at night can strengthen metabolism, delay aging and other effects, and make yourself younger and more energetic.
9. It is helpful to improve work efficiency. After running at night, the mood and body are relaxed. The mental condition of the next day is good, and work efficiency is also improved.
10. Enhance the effect of exercise. Running at night, the key substance hormone of human metabolism will strengthen the response to physical exercise, which can enhance the exercise effect of running.

Running time at night

1. The safety factor is relatively high
This time period may be when there is a relatively high flow of people at night. If you go for a run at night, the safety factor will be much higher. Especially for girls, there can be someone to help if there is an accident.
2. More than 1 hour away from dinner
Dinner time is generally around 18-19 o’clock, and when you just finished eating, most of the body’s blood is supplied to the digestive system. If you run immediately, most of the body’s blood will be supplied to the motor muscles and the digestive organs. Decrease, the digestive function of the intestines and stomach is weakened, which affects digestion and causes gastrointestinal discomfort. In the long term, it will cause gastrointestinal diseases. The 20:00-21:30 time period has been 1-2 hours from dinner, and the food is almost digested. You can go for a run.
3. It’s also appropriate to go to bed
It is necessary to know that the running time is separated from the sleeping time. If the interval is too short, it will cause nerve excitement, affect the quality of sleep and even insomnia. If you finish running at night from 20:00-21:30, whether it is more than 10 or more Sleeping more at 11 o’clock will not have a big impact.

Notes for running at night

1. The problem of running time at night. The time for running at night is preferably half an hour after dinner and two hours before going to bed. The editor basically just went home for dinner, then did some housework, chatted, changed clothes, ran after half an hour, and took a break after running back to take a bath and wash clothes. Then go to sleep.
2. At night, if there is a track near the community, such as a college track, it is recommended to run on the track. If not, choose grass, which is more flexible. Don’t run on bumpy roads. Choose a place with street lights and brighter places for running. This will be safer.
3. Running at night is not suitable for everyone. For older people, running at night is not good for their health. It is recommended that people over 40 years old can choose to walk at night. My dad runs in the morning and walks at night. It is not a problem for young people to choose to run at night, but if you are a person with three highs, it is recommended to consult a doctor.
4. The intensity of running. It is recommended that everyone choose jogging at night. After going downstairs, do some warm-up actions. First walk and then briskly start running. If it is to burn fat, it is recommended to run for 40 minutes to an hour. If it’s just a general exercise, take it for yourself. But the more you run at night, the more excited you will get.
5. Equipment for running at night. If you are running at night, wear looser clothes suitable for exercise, and then wear running shoes if you are running at night, because nowadays the city is basically cement roads, which are relatively hard, and the road surface elasticity itself is not good. It is harmful, so it is better to choose running shoes with better elasticity. Girls should also prepare sports underwear, because they will sweat, the usual underwear is easily deformed when changing every day, and wearing ordinary underwear is not good for the chest.
How about, through the above introduction, are everyone clear about the benefits of running at night? Running at night can not only exercise, but also help us improve the quality of sleep, prevent diseases, etc. It is good for us to run at night from 8 to 9:30 in Wansheng, and the safety factor will be higher, but we are at night Pay attention to safety when running, try jogging, or make preparations before exercise.