safety messages were all about gardening

Last autumn, my safety messages were all about gardening, which is still a passion of mine. However, late last year an unexpected diagnosis shifted my attention to diet and exercise, and I embarked on training for a triathlon through a medically overseen program. The event was to consist of a half mile swim, 16 mile bike, and 5K run. Of course, due to Covid, the triathlon was cancelled, but we continued the program with virtual running, biking and strength training over the summer, and now into the fall.

Exercise has always been a back-burner thing for me. I would do it when I had time or felt like it, but not routinely. I never fancied myself a runner or regularly hung out at the gym, so jumping in with both feet (literally) was not without some tough lessons. This week, I’ll share a few of my experiences and tips I learned along the way.

General Training Safety Tips
1 Having proper equipment (clothing, proper shoes/bike fit, correct weights for activity, etc) is important.
2 Following a training plan that has activity increases of about 10% weekly is key to building endurance and strength safely and decreases 3our risk of injury. This also includes following training zones and recovery days
4 Use proper warm up and cool down techniques including stretching, foam rolling, etc. (more tomorrow).
5 Listen to your body and what it is saying to you (sore knees, tired, dehydrated, not enough fuel, feeling strong, full of energy, etc)
6 Step back in training if you have missed more than 3 weeks of training.
7 Focus on strengthening your weak or under-active muscles/movement patterns.