Can exercise sweat really cure a cold?

Many people may still have such a misunderstanding, just sweat after catching a cold, and then the cold can be dissipated. Therefore, some people choose to cover it in the quilt after catching a cold, and some people sweat through exercise, but can exercise sweat really cure a cold?

Whether sports sweating can cure a cold cannot be simply defined. It is determined by the individual’s physical fitness, type of cold, and degree of cold. Namely: a cold-type cold exercise with a strong physique and a mild cold can cure a cold.

Because exercise will sweat to detoxify the body, accelerate the metabolism of the body, relax the muscles, and release the cold from the body. However, if you sweat a little when you have a cold, you should change your underwear in time or take a hot bath ( A bath is better), so that almost no medicine is needed, and the cold will heal naturally. Of course, if your cold is gradually accompanied by fever, it is recommended not to exercise.

Exercising and sweating are not suitable for everyone. Perhaps the cold-type cold with a strong physique and mild cold can be cured by sweating through exercise. However, for most people, especially children, the infirm and the elderly, participating in sports exercises when they have a cold is harmful. Moreover, for wind-heat type colds or summer heat type colds, sweating during exercise not only hurts the body, but can worsen the cold.