safety first ,safety in the workplace

In alignment with my the last article in our commitment to safety in the workplace, it’s crucial to acknowledge employees who demonstrate safe behaviors on the job.

If an employee does any of the following well (not an inclusive list, mind you), show your appreciation for their attention to safe practices:

  • Wears the correct safety equipment
  • Reports unsafe conditions
  • Avoids overextension (lifts with their backs, keeps correct posture)
  • Keeps workplace stress at a minimum
  • Arranges their work area to fit their body (ergonomics)
  • Helps keep online safety at the office (or home) in check (cybersecurity, technology, etc.)
  • Maintains personal health (gets enough sleep, stays active, attends preventive wellness exams)
  • Goes above and beyond in safety training and ongoing safety education
  • Helps keep the workplace on track to meet safety goals

The easiest and most meaningful way to personally show your appreciation for safety is to verbally do so or by sending the employee an email that recognizes their hard (and safe) work.